Hi David & team, Please find attached the latest SEO report. In March, organic traffic maintained a similar level to the previous month, at a level of almost 55'000 monthly visits. Overall, last two months has highest volume of the organic traffic ever. Comparing to the previous two month period organic traffic was higher by over 51%. Similarly, we have noticed very good improvement in amount of referring domains. However, in last month we have observed some fluctuations in rankings which seems be related to changes on the website, it is normal process, but we would focus your attention on very important element - implemented in last time redirections from URL patchs https://www.ayana.com/en/ to version without "/en/" are implemented by 302 redirections which not pass full of the SEO value. We strongly recommend to change all these redirections to permanent (301) redirections. We have investigated other Overall, actual level of organic traffic is significantly higher comparing to the previous months. https://www.ayana.com/bali/rimba-jimbaran/spa https://www.ayana.com/en/bali/ayana-resort-and-spa/spa • Organic traffic maintained a similar level to the previous month, at a level of xxx monthly visits. • Rankings or target keywords fluctuate and still require improvements to get visibility and have a bigger impact on organic traffic. • We have observed continuation of improvement in the number of referring domains. • In the next month we will provide a smaller number of links but from very HQ domains. Hi David & team, Please find latest SEO report attached along with broken links table. In February, we recognized significant improvement in the volume of organic traffic of around 25% (over 53'500 monthly visits). Rankings of targeted keywords are still increasing and many of them have significantly improved the visibility of the website. SEO factors fluctuate around similar levels compared to previous months, but positive trend is visible, especially in Domain Rating - overall, all SEO indicators are on relative good and healthy levels. In the next month, we will continue actual SEO approach and will focus link building efforts on targeted industry-related keywords. At the same time, boosting some links from websites with high SEO factors, which should result improvement of Ayana SEO factors. We would also repair on-site issues mentioned, which affects website SEO presence and user experience: 1) Broken links We have found a significant number of broken links (links with technical issues or land to not existing pages), that brings an impact on the SEO and users experience. On the list of broken links attached, highlight items indicate: i) Green highlight - visible for all users immediately when page load ii) Yellow highlight - could be hidden, but exists inside HTML code, so web developers will find them. Broken link is one of the most important quality factors for search engines to identify a bad website, it directly affects SEO, as well as causing negative experience for users. Therefore, we strongly recommend your side to fix all listed broken links. 2) Duplicate content and canonical tags There are many duplicated URLs with the additional path /en/, it causes duplicated content issue which can be simply fixed by adding canonical tags to both versions of pages. Recommendation is to add a canonical tag which will point to the preferred version of URLs (we recommend the version without /en/). This solution will accumulate all SEO strengths into the page that contains canonical tags only. Example of duplicated pages (with & without /en/) : https://www.ayana.com/en/bali/the-villas-ayana https://www.ayana.com/bali/the-villas-ayana In addition, there is the issue we discussed earlier with the same content for different resorts, which can only be solved by using totally unique content for each resort. Otherwise Google will select the page it thinks its best and not show the other versions. For instance: Example of duplicated content under different resort pages: https://www.ayana.com/bali/rimba-jimbaran/spa https://www.ayana.com/en/bali/ayana-resort-and-spa/spa